Letter from Ally Jape – Tour Guide

I am so pleased you have chosen to discover Tanzania, the land of Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti and Zanzibar known as the spice islands.

These wonderful countries have a lot to offer and it’s our privilege to guide you on a journey and an adventure filled with an innovative encounter of culture, environment and education, linked with a series of experiences together with commitment and passionate stories.

We know that everyone’s holidays are hard-earned, and we believe that you deserve a unique, authentic, value-for-money experience
So, we make sure that all our clients receive:

  • The highest possible standard of service,
  •  A high level of personal attention to details
  •  Reliable advice and recommendations;
  •  A unique, comfortable and inspired experience of place and culture

We pride ourselves on the professionalism, efficiency, reliability and reputation of Tourguide Zanzibar.

While our business is constantly evolving, our passion remains constant, to give you the most out of the experience in Zanzibar.

Read a little more about me below and let the experience begin!!

My culture and love for my country led to my interest in the travel and tourism industry, i was born and raised in Zanzibar, as a self employed, i work as a professional tour guide licensed by the commission of tourism to perform guided tours for over four years now.

In terms of tourism educational background, i attended a general tour guide training which based in history, culture, marine life, flora and fauna.

but as i started working,

I wanted to improve my skills from the knowledge i had, so i then attended a special training for tour guides to specialize in heritage and preservation and later added with it a specialization course in marine life.

My experience in the industry providing guiding services to companies, individuals, volunteers, students and expatriates led me to a discovery of that, most of the local professionals work as freelancers and it is sometimes difficult for visitors to find reliable local professionals who can create memorable and authentic experience of place, nature and culture.

So i came with the idea of having my own web page with the intention of not only to promote myself as a tour guide but also my city and other professional tour guides and to offer unique, personalized and high quality guided tour services that highlight Zanzibar culture, history, natural heritage and daily life.

With the help of my colleagues to whom i contact whenever i cannot personally take care of a tour request, i work to promote an excellent image of the city and the country. i have by my side highly trained local professional private guides in the tourism field with necessary skills to provide excellent services for both locals and foreigners that consider us a key element to have a great experience in Stone town and Zanzibar.

I love working at the this part,

I am loving my career sharing my home with visitors from all corners of the world.

I most enjoy being able to show visitors both sides of Zanzibar – the natural beauty, cultural heritage and daily life, so that gives me great pride.