Full-day outing starting from hotel reception around 08:00 am from beach hotels and 09:00am from Stone town hotels, returning around 05:30 pm.



Safari Blue is a full-day sailing, swimming, snorkeling and relaxation excursion with a delightful Zanzibari buffet included.

From the starting point in Stone Town, you will be transferred to Fumba, a small fishing village to the SW of Stone Town.  This will take around 30 minutes.  Fumba is an ideal starting point from which to explore the wildlife of the Menai Bay, a beautiful conservation area with isolated sandbanks, small islands and impressive coral reefs.

After leaving Fumba by locally-made traditional sailing dhows of between 8 to 10m in length, we will set down on one of the bright white sandbanks where everyone can relax, swim or snorkel. The use of top-quality snorkeling equipment and well-trained instructors is included. Beginners will receive detailed instructions throughout the day.

After snorkeling, we will travel to the desert island (Kwale Island) restaurant for lunch. Hot from the grill, a traditional Zanzibari buffet, including fresh fish, slipper lobster, chicken, rice, tamarind and sauces, will be served. Sodas, mineral water, beer, coffee and local sweets, as well as a selection of between 10 to 15 different tropical fruits, will complete the lunch.

Safari Blu explores the Menai Bay Conservation Area, which is home of two different species of dolphins: the Indo-pacific Humpback and the Bottlenose. We are enough lucky to see dolphins on 85% of our excursions.

Later we will visit a beautiful mangrove lagoon where our guests get the unique chance to swim through the mangrove forest.  These appear to be swimming pools created by nature.

At the end of the day, we sail back to Fumba with our  traditional sail from where our driver will transport you back to your hotel.

Important notes:

  • There are no formal changing facilities at Fumba. Because of this, please wear your swimwear under your outerwear. Unfortunately, toilets are available on the desert island only.
  • We also advise our guests to wear waterproof shoes for boarding the dhows and to bring towels, sunscreen and a spare T-shirt for snorkeling

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